We are thrilled that You want Us to provide Audio Mastering services for You. Our success depends on clear communication.

This Audio Services “Agreement” is made and effective this date, <ENTER DATE>, between STELLAR SOUND LABS, (“We” and “Us”), a company organized and existing under the laws of State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations with its head office located at 63 Taft Avenue, Providence, RI 02906 and <CLIENT NAME>, (the “Client” and “You” and “Your”), an individual/company under the laws of <CLIENT LOCALE> with its Main Address located at <CLIENT ADDRESS>. In consideration of the covenants below, and other good and valuable consideration, both parties agree to the following.

This AGREEMENT applies to the current project <COMPILATION NAME> including <LIST SONG TITLES> for which You have engaged us for audio engineering services. TERMS discussed up until now are based on information You have provided us up to this point in time. Any additional agreed-upon services provided after the date written above may require additional fees and/or changes in scheduling.


We will provide all audio engineering services that you request on your Invoice, and within the timeframes stated.

High-resolution files stated on the invoice will be delivered after final payment has cleared.



Please contact us if you need some other audio service not listed on our website. You can add any of the following to the base Mastering Services:

  • Songs longer than 5 minutes
  • Additional master outputs beyond those included
  • Music production including looping, sound replacement, recording, or arranging
  • Tuning, timestretching, tempo matching
  • Extensive audio restoration
  • Complete mixing services


  • ALL COMMUNICATION whether in person, on phone, or online, flows through Mark and ONE person in Your ensemble. Please designate that person now.
  • ALL BACK-AND-FORTH NOTES ARE DONE BY EMAIL ONLY. Keeping it in writing avoids confusion. This means that We may not be able accommodate verbal, SMS, IM etc. needs.
  • WE MAY KEEP IN TOUCH in the future by email with a mailer once in a while. You can opt-out anytime.
  • PLEASE READ OUR MASTERING PREP GUIDELINES BEFORE making your mixdowns. This link will appear again at the end of this agreement.


  • RECALLS. We happily accommodate your changes and provide as many revisions as you request and pay for via our ordering page.
  • FINAL ACCEPTANCE. A project is COMPLETE when either 1. We have received your approval of our work with no further requests, or 2. We sent you an Output of the Full Mix and 48 hours has passed since we last heard from you, in which case We will consider the project complete and proceed to create Your final outputs and invoice.
  • ADDITIONAL EDITING. After Final Acceptance, any further requests for services will be considered ‘Additional Editing’ and billed separately.
  • DELIVERY. PAYMENT MUST BE MADE IN FULL before delivery of Final Product. Once your payment clears, We will, within one (1) Business Day, deliver the Final Product via electronic transfer or a download link.
  • DELIVERY FORMAT. We will provide you with the final master and any additional files you have requested via digital download in the lossless format of your choice. You can order any additional outputs you need a la carte via the ordering section of our website.
  • BACKUPS. Please maintain your own backups. We will in good faith make an effort to maintain copies of the work we perform for you but We cannot not be held responsible for data loss after project has been delivered to You.


We do not accept checks. We accept the following forms of Payment:

  • Venmo/Google Cash/Apple Pay (all free with debit card)
  • PayPal (Add 3%)
  • Cash ($USD)
  • ACH
  • Money Order
  • Bank Transfer



  • A 50% DEPOSIT before work begins
  • The highest resolution stereo WAV/AIF of your mix that you can give us, WITHOUT ANY PROCESSING OR UPSAMPLING AND PREPARED ACCORDING TO OUR MASTERING PREP SHEET.
  • TIMELY RESPONSES (within 48 hours) to our requests for project direction, reference tracks, etc.
  • FOR OUR STEM MASTERING SERVICE we need 2 to 5 stereo outputs from you that we will first blend for you and then master.
  • IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO CUT VINYL, you’ll need an separate mastering job to ensure success around frequency balance, dynamic range, track order, etc. You can order this through our website.
  • TELL US YOUR DEADLINES in advance so We can schedule accordingly. We will give you a realistic turnaround time once We have determined that your files comply.
  • After We have reviewed your files, if We feel that there are any issues or additional services needed outside the scope of our discussions, We will discuss with You.


YOU WARRANT THAT YOU HOLD THE FULL LEGAL RIGHTS to use all media that you give to Us to use in a manner aligned with the scope of the project. You hereby indemnify and hold Us harmless for any loss, damage, or liability for any infringement of any rights arising from the use/sale/licensing of audio/visual material that You provide to Us for purposes of performing Our services.

PROMOTION. 1. Upon completion of Our services to You, You allow us to post clips (not the complete running time) of your musical works before and after mastering on Our internet channels as portfolio pieces. 2. Once the product is released, has been shown in public, or one year has passed since project completion, (whichever comes first) you allow us to use depictions of the project (and associated photos, logos, etc.) for promotional purposes at Our discretion.

DISCLAIMER. While we will perform our services in a professional and workmanlike manner, consistent with industry standards, we cannot guarantee the success of the project. Therefore, all warranties, express or implied, including any warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability and non-infringement, are hereby disclaimed.


Please credit our services as one of the following:

  • Mastering Engineer: Mark James Scetta
  • Audio Mastering by Mark James Scetta at Stellar Sound Labs

THANK YOU for trusting Stellar Sound Labs with your music.


Please call or Email with any questions or concerns. I will personally answer or get back to you when I’m done focusing on music. -Mark


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Please call or Email us with any questions or concerns.