Thanks for your interest in our Mastering Services. Here’s everything you need to know about how it works. Please reach out with any questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Whew! Your music is almost FINISHED!

You have no doubt come a long way from songwriting all the way through mixing. Now your music needs to be ready for download and duplication. Mastering is that final CRUCIAL stage in a long creative process. From here your songs will represent you as an artist to future fans.

You want to feel 100% confident about translation to your future fans’ playback systems. You don’t want to feel later like there was more you could have done for the sonics. I will certainly do my best to make sure your music sounds GREAT in its genre.


Some think of mastering as just sweetening and boosting level. Some think that a robot does a fine job. And maybe that’s good enough for some music. But with a real mastering engineer you can achieve better tone, texture, and transients, and sometimes fix issues with the mix. These are the kind of results you can expect for most mixes:

Optimizing the low end for the genre
Improving issues like harshness, sibilance, mud, some types of noise
Adding forwardness to vocals, creating instrument separation, optimizing stereo imaging
Bringing out texture, tone, groove, definition, ambience, depth, or height
Adding organic-sounding warmth, brightness, openness, etc.
Fixing micro-issues like clicks and pops
Creating proper delivery formats


While I can’t always solve EVERY mix issue, I will work hard to get the most fidelity, life, and sensitivity out of your song that I can. Sometimes that’s a lot of steps, and sometimes it’s a single fresh idea that makes all the difference. And sometimes it takes several tries with breaks in between. Occasionally I may ask if you want me to take a bit more time for the project for this reason. Know that I get very involved in the aesthetics and always take my direction from YOU, the artist.

This is NOT ‘drive-thru’ internet mastering! I care about the FEEL and TONE of your music. I offer two options:

Master from a stereo 2-track (Standard Service)
Mix and Master from up to 5 group outputs (Stem Service) *

*With Stem service, I create your song’s final mix balance from up to 5 mix outputs (usually drums, bass, instruments, bkgd vocals, lead vocal) here in my acoustically treated room. Then I create the final master. Stem service includes an extra revision.

Same Rate for All Stereo Mastering up to 5 min.
48-hour Turnaround for Initial Output
Easy, Uncomplicated Revision Process
1 Session Recall Included*

*You’ll probably love my first pass, but you also get 1 recall FREE of charge (2 with Stem Mastering). In other words, after I deliver your file, I’m happy to make any changes you need and output a new, second master for no extra charge. If you want any further work done after this, it’s no problem, I can accommodate that as an extra request.

I have to charge a little extra for the following because of the time and care they require:

  • Vinyl-ready masters
  • Tracks over 5 minutes long
  • Additional session recalls / changes (beyond the 1 free included)
  • Additional outputs / sample rate conversions (beyond the 4 free included)
  • Audio restoration, timestretching, or extensive editing
  • Remastering (submitting a new mix after mastering completed)
  • DDP Prep and Delivery (required for CD duplication)
  • Rush service (24 hours per turnaround)

You will receive 4 high quality stereo outputs of your choice (more are available à la carte) each with full metadata:
WAV – Spotify level
WAV – CD & CDBaby level (loud)
WAV – YouTube
MP3 – Highest Quality
More available

FREE Advice on Acoustics, Production, Mixing, Gear Repair, and Music Licensing
FREE Referrals, Recommendations, and Listening/Feedback
FREE Project Roadmap to Track Your Music’s Release

You can save money in a few ways-

  • You’ll get a 5% Album/EP discount for jobs with 5 or more tracks
  • Refer an artist to us. For every referral who becomes a client, we credit you $20 toward your next mastering service. Stackable and no limits!

Here’s how it works. First, you create an order. Then we’ll send you an invoice and our agreement. Sign it, submit the deposit, and send in your files.

Then you can give us further instructions and song references that describe what you would like to hear. I’ll contact you if I feel any uncertainty about what you want. Of course, we can chat anytime you want.

Within 48 hours, you’ll receive your first mastered track from us (24 hours or less for rush service). Whenever I send you an output, you’ll have 48 hours to review before we call it final. If you need more time, just let me know.  I suggest listening on SEVERAL trusted playback systems–you’ll hear what’s working (and not) and it will make it easy to give us feedback. After that, you get one more revision included FREE. 48 hours later you’ll receive your final mastered track(s).

Rates shown are for a typical song. Albums/EP’s get a 10% discount when songs are submitted together.

$65 for Standard Mastering Service, $130 for Stem Mastering. Extra Services like additional recalls, additional outputs, rush service, etc. range from $9 to $40 à la carte.

Please continue on to create a custom order for your exact needs.

Music Mastering (Standard Service)
Standard mastering service from a single 2-track (stereo) audio file. Includes 1 revision.Deliverables consist of 4 stereo output files as described in our agreement.
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Music Mastering from Stems
Stem Mastering service includes track mixing from up to 4 stereo audio files and 1 mastering revision.Deliverables consist of 4 stereo output files as described.
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Music Mastering
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Music Mastering from Stems


Stem Mastering service includes track mixing from up to 4 stereo audio files and 1 mastering revision.

Deliverables consist of 4 stereo output files as described.